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About Our Service



Charlie Rose & Alan TrammelCharlie & Alan

Charlie Rose Baseball has over 50+ years of experience and expertise in the glove repair services. The foundation and core values of our company revolve around making sure each ballplayer has the right glove for them and a place to take their glove for a little TLC. With each glove repair, we ensure excellent quality and attention to detail. Over 50+ years we have been offering glove repairs, we have amounted hundreds of thousands satisfied customers and ballplayers.

*Once you complete your order, for any glove service, you will receive an email confirmation with instructions from us on what to include and where to send your glove/mitt for service.  Typical lead-time is 7-10 business days plus shipping, but lead-times will vary based on seasonality.*

                              The Original Baseball House that Charlie Rose Built.

"GLOVE DOC"  Mike Velasco.  Mike has been doing glove repair for Charlie Rose for over 20 years!