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SST - Pro X Performance Guard (Adult)

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SST - Pro X Performance Guard (Adult)

SST Pro X Performance Guards are unlike any other padded cap for pitchers, only covering the most at-risk area of a pitcher head.  This allows the pitcher to wear concealed head protection without any physical or mental distraction.

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Concealed head protection that is virtually unnoticeable. Most players can wear SST Headgear using their existing hat size or one size up. Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the U.S. And although it is not considered a contact sport, it is often associated with a number of catastrophic injuries. Stronger athletes and faster pitching speeds have resulted in an increase of head injuries to pitchers and players of the nations favorite pastime. Head injuries can range from a concussion to a skull fracture, but in any case should be taken seriously. SST designs and manufactures carbon fiber head guards for baseball and softball players. These inserts sit directly in the sweat liner of any baseball cap and protect the crown of the head, forehead region, and above the ear. Our head guards protect the most at-risk areas for a pitcher without affecting his sight lines, stance, or feeling on the mound. SSTs head guards are designed to absorb and redistribute the energy of an impact, acting as an additional layer of the skull while significantly reducing risk and resulting consequences of skull fracture.

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