BEAST HYPERLITE™ -12 (2 1/4")

  • $159.95

The 2018-19 Easton® Beast Hyperlite™ is a one-piece -12 design with a 2-1/4” barrel. ATAC alloy creates a lightweight, yet powerful barrel, and the -12 speed balanced design provides a light swing weight for more speed behind the ball at contact. This 2018-19 Beast Hyperlite™ model has a 2-1/4” barrel and features a custom Lizard Skin™ grip for the best feel, cushion and tack. It is approved for play in leagues and associations that follow the USA Baseball standard.

All bat weights are measured without the grip.  Actual weight may vary from listed weight due to manufacturing variances and tolerances, grip weight, bat length and performance considerations.