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Easton 2016 Z-Core HMX XL -3 BBCOR

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Easton 2016 Z-Core HMX XL -3 BBCOR

Easton 2016 BB16ZAL Z-Core HMX XL -3 BBCOR

  • Barrel Size 2 5/8" 

  • Age Group Adult 

  • Drop -3 

  • Barrel Material HMX Hyperlite Matrix Alloy 

  • Handle Material HMX Hyperlite Matrix Alloy 

  • Construction One-Piece 

  • Connection N/A 

  • Weight Distribution End-Loaded 

  • Barrel Length Extended 

  • Handle Size 31/32" 

  • Grip 1.2mm Hyperskin 

  • End Cap Cupped 

  • Certifications/Stamps BBCOR .50 

  • Warranty 12 months 
  • $199.95

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    Easton has brought back its innovative Z-Core technology and expanded its use to create the Z-Core line of adult baseball bats. With alloy maintaining its popularity amongst competitive baseball players, the Z-Core design creates an ultra-responsive barrel hot enough to rival a fully composite bat, but remain within the restrictions of the BBCOR standard. For the player that prefers the satisfaction of the “ping” off the bat, the Easton Z-Core line provides the ping and pop those players desire. The BB16ZAL is a fully alloy, end-loaded, one-piece bat. The bat is composed of Easton’s HMX Hyperlite Matrix Alloy, which is lightweight and thin, but also extremely strong. By making the entire bat alloy, the batter gets the traditional feel of stiff bat through the zone and at contact. Within the extended barrel, you will find Easton’s Z-Core technology; a band that reinforces the barrel for an expanded sweet spot and responsiveness at contact. Wrapping the handle is Easton’s thin, 1.2mm grip Hyperskin grip, which provides an enhanced feel and comfort at the plate. As a stiff-swinging, one-piece, end-loaded bat with an extended barrel, the BB16ZAL is the perfect option for a power hitter. With its full-alloy design and the advances in the Z-Core internal technology, the BB16ZAL is a seamless combination of old and new school designs.

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